Luhr Jensen Tech Reports

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#1 - River Drift Fishing Techniques

Drift fishing is easy, fun and effective. The technique has gained popularity over the years as more and more streams across the country are supporting trout, steelhead and salmon runs. Whether a beginner or a more experienced angler, this Luhr Jensen Tech Report can help you become even more successful using this method of fishing.

#2 - Hot Shot Side Planer In Rivers

A wish has finally come true for river bank-bound anglers. Now it’s possible to fish Hot Shot® plugs just as effectively from shore as it is from a drift boat or a jet sled . . . without the boat! This Luhr Jensen Tech Report explains how to use the Hot Shot® Side Planer, and get your lure out in the river where the big ones are!

#3 - Hot Shots In Rivers

The deadliest boating technique ever developed for catching game fish in rivers is "Hot Shotting" . . . one that derived its name from the Hot Shot® diving plug. For years, Hot Shots® and "Hot Shotting" were closely-guarded secrets of professional river guides. They had to have successful customers in order to stay in  business. In many areas, guides attribute 70 percent or more of their catch to this technique and lure.

#4 - Diver Bait Back Trolling

One popular fishing technique for catching salmon and steelhead in rivers is to drift fish natural bait and drift bobber com bi - nations along the bottom. Another method, even more deadly, is backtrolling or “Hot Shotting” with diving plugs. Imagine the results if you could combine these two tech niques and backtroll bait!

#5 - Lake Trolling For Trout

Trolling is a technique tailor-made for anglers with all degrees of expertise because it’s easy, fun and it works! It’s a great way to start a youngster out as line tangles and snarls are few and far between and there’s always something happening. But, trolling’s not just for kids. It’s a fishing technique used by hundreds of thousands of anglers across the country every day because of its proven success. Put the deadly technique of trolling together with a high quality lake troll and you have a fish-catching combination that’s unbeatable!

#6 - Casting Spoons & Spinners

Casting weighted spinners and spoons for trout, bass, salmon, pike and other gamefish is an art practiced by hundreds of thousands of anglers throughout the country. It is a challenging, exciting and productive fishing technique that can easily be learned. Whether a beginner or a more experienced angler, this Luhr Jensen Tech Report can help you become even more successful using this technique.

#7 - Crankin’ For Bass

Bass fishing with crankbaits is one of the most successful ways to get down where the trophy lunkers are. It's an addictive kind of angling and the lures available are nearly as numerous as the fish you're after. This report will help you select and effectively use casting crankbaits.

#8 - Topwater Plugs

Bass fishing with topwater wood plugs is a fascinating experience every angler should try. It's an addictive kind of angling. The excitement and explosiveness of the surface strike can unnerve even the most experienced  angler and turn every trip into a memorable one.

#9 - Spoon Jigging For Trout

Jigging spoons in lakes can be an extremely effective technique that will often catch far more trout than the commonly used straight, unvaried retrieve. This is because trout are predators, especially the larger, trophy-sized ones. A jigging spoon that appears to be a crippled or distressed meal will usually arouse those predatory instincts.

#10 - J-Plug Trolling

Forty years ago a derby-winning salmon or lake trout was almost certainly a plug-caught fish. More and more anglers today are switching to J-Plugs® because, as in the past, plugs are known to produce more and larger fish on a regular basis.

#11 - Lake Trolling Thin-Blade Spoons for trout

Of the many techniques used for catching trout, trolling with blades (a troll) trailed either by a lure or bait is the most consistent day-in and day-out fish producer. However, this method does not readily lend itself to light  spinning or fly tackle, as a fully-rigged troll will overpower ultra-light gear, nor is it applicable in shallow water situations.

#12 - Dipsy Diver Trolling

The directional Dipsey Diver is the most Advanced trolling sinker available today. Its round shape allows for  multidirectional Trolling and also facilitates instant changes In diving capability. Providing the angler with two different  size divers in one.

#13 - Dodgers And Flashers Trolling

Coupled with the effectiveness of trolling technique, flashers and dodgers are deadly fish attractors in both fresh and salt water. They are rigged in the line between the lure and downrigger release, diver or lead to provide attraction and impart erratic action to trailing lures such as plugs, spoons, flies or plastic squids.

#15 - Trolling Spoons For Salmon

Trolling with spoons is a technique practiced and enjoyed everyday by thousands of fresh water anglers across the country. It’s an easy-to-learn and use method which is particularly effective in lakes and reservoirs for large fish such as coho and chinook salmon, brown, cutthroat and lake trout, striped bass and several varieties of rainbow trout including landlocked steelhead and Kamloops.

#19 - Spoon Jigging For Bass

Spoon jigging is one of the deadliest lure-and-technique combinations ever devised for catching bass in deep water and around vertical structure such as steep cliffs or sunken forests. It is not necessarily an easy technique to master, but the rewards are great as few bass can resist the enticing action of a spoon bouncing up and down.

#21 - Open Water Drift Jigging

Drift jigging in open water is a fishing technique being used by an ever increasing number of anglers as they discover its effectiveness and ease of application. It's a technique tailor-made for open water, fresh or salt, where fish are oriented either to bottom structure or temperature layers. With the aid of a depth sounder, drift jigging allows pinpoint presentation of a spoon or jig within inches of a fish, providing you with a distinct advantage not easily obtainable with other fishing methods.

#28 - Ice Fishing

Few fishing styles offer as much action and success as ice fishing. Angling on "hard water" is a fast-growing sport and the techniques are simple to master for any angler. Outings on ice almost always produce, plus a fishing trip is great medication for advanced cases of the winter condition known as "cabin fever". Preparation is always the golden key to angling, especially during the winter months. With foresight and planning, your hours on the ice will quickly become quality fishing adventures.